Art and Criticism Beyond the Thing

(abstract – complet in pt)

The relationship between the History of the Visual Arts and the History of the Literary Arts is established in the project “Study for A Thing”.
vandanuno reveals a History of Art which is more inclusive, comprising the influences and relationships of the Historiography, of the commercial agencies, the Literary Theory and the Theory of Art that postulates itself as a History of Thought.
Martin Heidegger’s notion of “thing” is here a key concept to apprehend such a parallelism as well as art itself and the manner in which it has been studied by theorists, critics and historians.
The epistemological rupture in vandanuno, presented with “Study for A Thing” is a distinct project, with a different objective, aiming at the creation of another paradigm, resulting from the context in which Late-Post-Modernity, the inefficiency of the accepted paradigms and arises from the necessity to re-think art in the History of Art currently circulating.
In “Study for A Thing / Thing and Ouevre”, 2012, we find not only the questioning of the accepted canons of art and its patterns of legitimacy, commercialization and promotion, but we also find a proposal for a assemblage of directives towards a new paradigm, primed to be discussed the repossession by the author and the return to criticism, reaffirming art as critical thought.
it reclaims the authorship of a work of art to its author, taking it away from the theorists.

Victor Hugo Leal
Associated Researcher
in Contemporary Art History
of the Art History Institute (Lisbon Nova University)